Wear Police Gloves For The Ultimate In Hand Protection

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Everyone is familiar with the way law enforcement officers wear their impressive-looking tactical gloves while on duty. But did you know these police gloves do more than just look impressive? That's right, they're an essential bit of tactical gear that helps officers do their jobs with confidence.

One important thing that law enforcement officers need is protection against 'sharps'. This sort of high-level puncture resistance isn't offered by normal gloves, even if the gloves are manufactured from leather. Puncture resistance that can stand up to needle sticks and other scary on-the-job moments requires modern fibers like Kevlar.

Good police gloves are lined with Kevlar in the most vulnerable areas. This, obviously, confers resistance against sharps, but it also lets the gloves breathe so comfort isn't sacrificed in favor of durability. After all, if the glove isn't comforable, you might decide not to wear it. And that would be a big mistake because your tactical gear is all that stands between you and danger, disease, or worse.

Abrasion resistance is also important. The glove should give you the sense that you can take a fall and not be too hurt to continue. With high-quality abrasion resistant gloves, you'll be protected all throughout the day.

Some police gloves are longer, with a gauntlet style. Others are short and fasten securely at the wrists. The style you prefer is mostly up to you, but in colder weather gauntlets are somewhat more comfortable since they don't leave a gap between the glove and your sleeves.

Hard knuckle gloves are a favorite not only of some police officers, but of bouncers and bodyguards too. These knuckle protection systems markedly increase your fighting effectiveness, and they protect you from falls or during 'break and rake' operations. Furthermore, if you ride a motorcycle or bike, hard knuckle gloves are something you should not do without.

Mostly when you think of police gloves, you think of the color black. Most police gear is black leather, and there isn't much that's fashionable about it. But if you stray into the realm of military tactical gear, the color choices are more varied. Different camo schemes are readily available and, depending on your intended use, these may be more to your liking.

What's certain is: with good tactical gloves, you'll always be prepared for the worst. And you won't give up much of anything in the way of comfort, reliability, or functionality.

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